Welcome to the Night Market. 

Wander the recesses of your own mind, deal with the fallout of book one, and in the end, decide who you would like to be.

If you have not read book one, I highly advise you go back and play that first. Most options will not make sense otherwise.


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uhh so kinda finished book 1 in two days bc i fell in love with the story and ur characters (milo pookie bear ily but i do hate u so much rn…)  anyways! zinnia why are u so amazing ?!! 💗😭  ima let the chapters on here marinate a little bit before reading tho :3 can smell the angst coming out of book 2 with the way we left off  (yay!) 


The angst is for sure coming. :)

I've binged-read from Book 1 until the latest chap of Book 2. Latest happenings were absolutely heart-wrenching, but I'm willing to go through the angst if it meant there's a light at the end of the tunnel. 🥹😭 Dealing with the aftermath in Book 2 was heart-breaking, but I'm here to go through it.

May I ask, what was the update about ?=)


It's the second chapter to the book 2 wip

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Really? ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و    thank you very much for the update. I will go and check it rn. 

I recently finished the first book on steam, it was amazing. Book 2 is no less intriguing and captivating ♡♡♡

small wings cute but big beautiful majestic wings like an angel 

and i loved it i can't wait for more night market ^^ 

i'm vibrating with excitement i had no clue this had come out !!


Is it normal that even though i chose the platonic path - game asumes that i had relationships with milo? Memories of kissing and "have malcom talked with him about us?" 


Oh! No! Thank you for the heads up. I'll get that fixed with the next chapter.


Hello! Sorry to bother but its still there


Yes. Things have gotten a bit too hectic in my personal life so I didn't have time or  content or a bug upate yet.


Emotionally distraught Milo romancers where you at? 🥲✋🏾


I just finished book one and oh my god. First off I immediately ran over here when I realized that part of book two was out lol. Second, the entirety of book one was some of the best writing I have ever seen, you are incredible, and I can already tell I am going to love book two just as much as I loved book one. Thank you. :)


First, I am happy I found this. Second, I am upset that I found it before it was completed.

No pressure, but where and when can I find more?


Oof. You are in right at the beginning, I'm afraid. So, obviously book one is up for purchase (I just have to make sure that you know because some people are unaware) but I just started writing this one. The good news is that I'm a pretty frequent updater. It only took me a year to write the first book in its entirety. Chapter two is about halfway written now and then it will be off to the beta's. Early access always goes up on Patreon first and then about two weeks later it is released to the public. I usually make an announcement here and over on Tumblr when I have early access out.


Screaming crying HELL YEAH😭Already amazing the Beginning and all and ahh so much joy playing now the wip of the sec.book😭🫶🫶🫶


My goosebumps danced with delight ♥


I'm so excited, this is great! Thank you, Zinnia


I'd like to think I speak for us all when I say AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Thank you so much, you're amazing 👏


Thank you for reading!


i cant wait for more ^^


Thank you.


You're welcome!