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The Night Market is an interactive fiction novel in which you awaken to a lantern filled world with no memory of how you got there. Desperate to get home, you must find the gate that leads back to your world, while navigating a foreign land, rife with political intrigue, arbitrary rules and secrets designed to keep you distracted. Nine barons rule the market , a place so vast that not even they can truly know its scope. But, one baron holds the key to your safe return home. Yet, no one has seen or heard from him in over a decade.

With a cast of characters, you will make political ties, undergo seedy jobs, and discover the secrets of a market that only exists to those who are invited. Fall in love, make lasting friendships, and shape the direction of your NPC’s lives through a series of choices. Will you end your journey within the Night Market with a daring escape? Or, will you be forever lost beneath the swaying lamplight, falling victim to the call of a world where the sun will never rise.

Romance Options

Hazel Albright - Owner of Hazel’s Apothos and a grey lump of a cat named Billows. Considered the local ‘bog witch’, she has been secluded away to her own sector within the market. Known for her tonics and herbal remedies, Hazel is viewed as a pariah. A woman who will curse you on sight and whose shop hands have all gone mysteriously missing over the years. Though, upon meeting her, she seems sweet and eager to help you find your way home.

Belladonna Malady -  A courtesan of the pleasure district and a sought after political force. A stunning beauty, educated and refined, who unwittingly has her hands in most of the affairs and secrets of the market proper. A beguiling woman who will be whoever she needs to for the right price. Everyone claims to know her, and yet no one can tell you a truthful detail about her. It is said she almost gave it all away for the man she loved, yet when asked, she only bats her lashes and smiles, claiming to have loved far too many to even know who you are referring to.

Milo Next - A rakish sort with an easy smile and a penchant for adventure. He is seen frequenting taverns and can generally be found where life is in full swing. Local thief and all around charming individual that upon meeting you has taken a special interest in your plight. Though he seems to be able to offer very little in the way of solutions, he is all too happy to stand by your side as you carve your way in this world.

Gabriel Caine - Guard Captain of the docks, a local penitentiary for the wrong doers of the Night Market, and the warden of the holding cells you are placed in upon arriving. A stern and straight forward man with little emotion other than to be weary of the events of his day. Gabriel arrived in the Night Market only a decade prior, but refuses to speak of where he hailed from before. Overall, he is a shut-down and bitter man, scorned by what the world has given him thus far.

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Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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